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Veijo Meri is a well- PDFcanonized Finnish author. Jä download; äkiekkoilijan kesä PDF EBook His books are read on courses on Finnish Classics, where I read my first one, Manillaköysi, and they are constantly advertised as important novels by professors, which is partly the reason why i picked up this one for a few euros.

As a person who does rarely do research on books I'm about to read (beyond the back cover), I was a bit surprised by the war stories I ran into. In a sense, Manillaköysi should have prepared me for this, but then again I thought that the 23 years between the two novels might have made a difference, or more of a difference. That being said, there was a difference. This novel seemed to be both a work of a maturer and more playful author. Perhaps, Meri had managed to deal with some of his war traumas and was comfortable enough to write a "freer" novel.

In other words, the story of a young man pining after the most beautiful woman in town is both explicitly erotic, tinged with humour, yet tinged with brutalness which comes not just from the evocative, yet mythically proportioned , war stories. However, these different and sometimes good elements were left a drift a bit. There is no plot as much of stories and events of a short period, which left me a bit disconnected, but not interested enough that I might delve into it at a later date for a more complete reading. Like this book? Read online this: Pink Cheeks and Chocolate - an Xcite Books collection of erotic short stories, Market Power in Eu Antitrust Law.

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