Abigail Jones (Chronicles of Abigail Jones, #1)

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A Maid with a Secret… Beneath her shy, bookish exterior, Abigail Jones hides a terrible affliction: shocking and licentious visions possess her, threatening her very sanity. Abigail Jones (Chronicles of Abigail Jones, #1) PDF EBook When she is suddenly left alone in the world, Abby must seek a position at Hope End, a gothic English estate. She hopes to find refuge there, but instead she discovers pieces of a mystery: a portrait of a haunting beauty, a housekeeper who knows too much, and a powerful lord torn between revenge and seduction…

A Lord with a Past… Enigmatic and handsome as sin, Earl Huxton is surrounded by rumors about the unexplained death of his first wife and his boldly rakish behavior. Beneath Hux’s debonair faç download; ade, however, lies hidden torment—and a secret burning quest for vengeance. Nothing compromises his pursuit of justice until he meets Abby, a maid who seems to see into the dark corners of his soul and whose touch entices him to relinquish the past for an infinitely sweeter obsession…

A Love for All Time… Hux and Abby's adventures take them from the gothic countryside to the erotic underworld of Victorian London. As passion flares between them, dangerous secrets begin to unravel. With the final battle against evil looming, a startling connection between his past and her secret comes to light. Will the demons of the past destroy their future… or will their love vanquish the darkness? Like this book? Read online this: Pieces of the Past, Cassidy Jones and the Seventh Attendant (Cassidy Jones Adventures, #3).

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