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"The dream had been too vivid. Annul Domini PDF EBook Even now there seemed to be a confusing, blurring of the edges between reality and fantasy. He knew it would be all right when he made the final effort..."

Time- PDFtraveller Robin Firth is dispatched to Galilee via a thought-bubble, on an important mission. But all does not go according to plan. He wakes from his mental journey to find himself trapped in the body of the local madman, Haddaq, with only one thing on his mind - he must reach Jesus and save him from crucifixion...

ANNUL DOMINI is the first in a series of previously unpublished books by the late 'Queen of Horror' INGRID PITT to be released by Avalard.
ANNUL DOMINI is a science-fiction laced alternative look at the familiar passion story, the birth of Christianity and the pitfalls of time-travel.

Ingrid Pitt was an acclaimed writer, actress and international sex symbol, widely known for her cult film appearances in the likes of Where Eagles Dare, Countess Dracula and The Wicker Man. Born in Poland in 1937 to Jewish parents, she survived the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps before settling in London in the 1960s.
During her lifetime she published ten books and numerous columns, and had just finished work on a second volume of memoirs when she died in November 2010. Like this book? Read online this: A History of the Jewish People in the Time of Jesus Christ (5 volume set), Market Power in Eu Antitrust Law.

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