Backyard Winter Gardening

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This book should be titled "Winter Gardening on Acreage" as many of the suggestions are not possible for those with small lots and no vat of fresh manure from their farm animals. Backyard Winter Gardening PDF EBook I can not dig huge pits in my small yard and fill them with manure to make hot beds unless I used up my whole yard and got cited for having farm animals. I don't have space for a huge greenhouse, but I CAN wait to pull up all my carrots and/or put coverings on things I can be growing in my current garden space. There are many good suggestions in this book, but so many of them are not new news to anyone who has tried to make their harvest last and others are not possible for a small backyard garden. We will probably try some growing in cold frames next winter and will continue to cover our carrots to harvest in February and get all our potatoes and squashes stored appropriately to last through the winter as we have done in the past. Like this book? Read online this: Small Animals, Not in my Backyard.

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