But Some Of Us Are Brave

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I have a complicated history with feminism that is probably not unique for a post- PDFcivil rights/black power movement black woman. But Some Of Us Are Brave PDF EBook But, all issues with the word feminism aside, I recognized myself too much in these essays to deny that whether I like it or not, I am constantly inhabiting multiple worlds. If the black man's plight is double-consciousness the black woman's must be a quad-consciousness. Michele Wallace's essay could well be my life save the 15 pounds she actually lost. She ends her essay saying there is little hope for a black feminist movement and maybe some minimal hope for a multicultural feminist movement. The sociologist (and black woman) in me tends to agree. This appears to be an individual fight — I'd argue primarily due to mate competition but again, I'm a sociologist. It's one of those perma-books: on my shelf, moves with me, re-read from time to time. Like this book? Read online this: Genuine Black Woman, Being Brave.

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