Communication and Cultural Domination

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Schiller warned of two major trends in his prolific writings and speeches: the private takeover of public space and public institutions at home, and U. Communication and Cultural Domination PDF EBookS. corporate domination of cultural life abroad, especially in the developing nations. His eight books and hundreds of articles in both scholarly and popular journals made him a key figure both in communication research and in the public debate over the role of the media in modern society. He was widely known for the term “packaged consciousness,” that argues American media is controlled by a few corporations that “create, process, refine and preside over the circulation of images and information which determines our beliefs, attitudes and ultimately our behavior.” Schiller used Time Warner Inc. as an example of packaged consciousness, stating that it “basically dominates publishing, cable television, recordings, tapes and filmmaking.” Like this book? Read online this: Media and Public Spheres, Assessing and Developing Communication and Thinking Skills in People with Autism and Communication Difficulties.

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