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It’s a long way from the dry, flat plains of West Texas to Vancouver Island, Canada, setting for the first two Danutia Dranchuk mysteries, A Deadly Little List and Sitting Lady Sutra . Essay Writing for Canadian Students with Readings PDF EBook

It's even farther to the limestone hills of England's Peak District, setting of the most recent in the series, [Unholy Rites], co- PDFwritten with my English-born husband, Chris Bullock (not the same as the Goodreads author Chris Bullock!).

Chance, luck, and a little planning took me from Lubbock, Texas (home of Buddy Holly and the Texas Tech Red Raiders) to its northern cousin, Calgary, Alberta. A three-year layover for graduate studies at the University of Oregon kindled my passion for the Pacific Northwest, which wasn’t fulfilled until I left my teaching position at the University of Alberta to write full time.

The first Danutia Dranchuk mystery, A Deadly Little List , had its genesis when Chris and I decided to collaborate on a writing project that would be fun—not a notable quality of the academic writing we’d done together. Salt Spring Island, only a short ferry ride away from our summer retreat, proved to be a perfect setting. The landscape of Vancouver Island, with its infinite variety and Mediterranean climate, bewitches me as much as it does my Prairie-born main character.

My protagonist is braver about facing physical danger than I could hope to be, but we share a passion for justice. Her job leads her to focus on her duty within the criminal justice system. I like the scope crime fiction gives me to explore questions of social inequality and social justice.

As well as writing mysteries, I have published short stories and co-authored two textbooks widely used in Canadian colleges and universities, Essay Writing for Canadian Students and Forms of Writing . Personal essays appear in two collections of women’s writing I co-edited with Caterina Edwards, Eating Apples and Wrestling with the Angel.

I have two grown children, three granddaughters, and no pets. I have served as National Vice President and President of Crime Writers of Canada, and as co-chair of the 2011 Bloody Words Mystery Conference. I am also a member of Sisters in Crime and the Federation of B. C. Writers. I gave up gardening for organizing (anything except my desk). As I stare out my window at the ever-changing waters of the Gorge Waterway in Victoria, British Columbia, I wonder where Danutia’s adventures will take us next. Like this book? Read online this: Authors vs. Goodreads, Journal Activities That Sharpen Students' Writing.

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