Feminists Theorize the Political

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At the risk of being caricaturish and simplistic:

The contributors to this volume (edited by the historian and theorist Joan W. Feminists Theorize the Political PDF EBook Scott and the inimitable Judith Butler) share a broad concern: making coherent a committment to feminsim in the wake of both (a) poststructuralist interventions concerning power and identity and also (b) so- PDFcalled "Third Wave" critiques of, among other things, the uninterrogated whiteness presupposed certain ways of thinking feminist subjectivity.

Such a "broad concern" is broached in a number of considerably different ways: Butler's essay engages the U.S. television coverage of Operation Desert Storm, G.S. Spivak comments on Sartre commenting on Heidegger, there's an analysis of a late 1980's divorce case in India.... I think these essays, different as thet are, have aged really well, especially in comparison with other so-called poststructuralist essays from U.S. journals in the 1980s and early 1990s. Like this book? Read online this: Objects of Concern, Government And The Governed; A History Of Political Ideas And Political Practice.

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