Figures of Resistance

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The changing face of feminist discourse as reflected by the career of one of its preeminent scholarsFigures of Resistance brings together the unpublished lectures and little- PDFseen essays of internationally renowned theorist Teresa de Lauretis, spanning over twenty years of her finest work. Figures of Resistance PDF EBook Thirty years after the height of feminist theory, this collection invites us to reflect on the history of feminism and take a hard look at where it stands today. Selected essays include "Sexual Indifference and Lesbian Representation," "The Lure of the Mannish Lesbian," "Eccentric Subjects," "Habit Changes," "The Intractability of Desire," and the unpublished article "Figures of Resistance." An introduction from feminist film scholar Patricia White provides an overview of the development of de Lauretis's thought and of feminist theory over past decades. Like this book? Read online this: The Ashgate Research Companion to Feminist Legal Theory, Figures of thought.

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