Functions Modeling Change

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The third edition of this ground- PDFbreaking text continues the authors' goal - a targeted introduction to precalculus that carefully balances concepts with procedures. Functions Modeling Change PDF EBook Overall, this text is designed to provide a solid foundation to precalculus that focuses on a small number of key topics thereby emphasizing depth of understanding rather than breath of coverage. Developed by the Calculus Consortium, FMC 3e is flexible enough to be thought-provoking for well-prepared students while still remaining accessible to students with weaker backgrounds. As multiple representations encourage students to reflect on the material, each function is presented symbolically, numerically, graphically and verbally (the Rule of Four). Additionally, a large number of real-world applications, examples and problems enable students to create mathematical models that will help them understand and interpret the world in which they live. Like this book? Read online this: C# For Students, On a Certain Class of Functions Analogous to the Theta Functions No. 34.

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