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While I probably am on the other side of the aisle from most of Colson's politics, this book was valuable for how it made me think about what I really do believe on social and moral issues as a Christian. God and Government PDF EBook At times, Colson is a bit snarky towards those he clearly disagree with, which gets a bit old. But I'm sure the Left writing about how they disagree with conservative politics and moral stances would be much more aggressive on that front.
Throughout the book, I found myself questioning what seemed to be Colson's central premise: that a government ruled with Christian morals and beliefs is the most utilitarian government possible. Regardless of what you believe yourself, I think that there is a sizable portion of this country who would not be happy if the government ran the track that Colson would support as a part of the Religious Right.
Being a non- PDFfiction nerd, the bits of history that Colson includes are very interesting for the look they take at how religion has been a part of governments in the last 100 years. Most of these stories display the good Christianity can do in government, which I don't necessarily disagree with. Seeing Christians transform governments in upheaval is one thing, but I (unlike possibly Colson) don't see the US as being in a state of upheaval similar to the Phillipines during the Marcos reign.
Thanks to my father-in-law for giving me this book and the opportunity to see things from a very different perspective than my own. It is thought-provoking to read Colson's ideas and hopes. While I disagree with some of his thoughts, the opportunity to engage with those thoughts is something that needs to happen more often for myself, for Christianity, and for the US. Like this book? Read online this: Government Failure and Over-Government (The Collected Works of Arthur Seldon, #5), U.S. Government on the Web.

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