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Stephen Harper is one of the most powerful and influential conservative leaders in the world, in center- PDFleft Canada, he managed to become Prime Minister. Harper's Team PDF EBookThis book is the story of how it happened.

Flanagan, an academic who became a key campaign aid to Harper, wrote this insightful book that apparently strained his relationship with the Prime Minister, since it gave away too many secrets.It is not that it gives away something unexpected per-se, but it does give detailed accounts of the inside strategy and thinking of Harper's campaign team and how it matured and built its self into a winning organization.

As a technical look at the problems and pitfalls of campaigning, and ways to avoid them, the book is a masterpiece.However, my main problem with it is that it is not very much more than this.Flanagan gives little attention to policy and philosophy, other than to mention when it causes electoral problems.There is nothing inherently wrong with this, but I'd have liked discussion on what they hoped to accomplish and what price they were willing to pay to accomplish it.

Harper, now into his third term as Prime Minister, is fond of saying “The longer I’m prime minister...the longer I’m prime minister.” The implied assumption is that as a center-left country, the more people are use to having a conservative Government, the more willing they will be to have one in the future.So perhaps, given this view of politics, the policy goals and philosophy is a bit more flexible.The main goal is to break people away from left-leaning assumptions and allow for a more open paradigm.At the very least, Flanagan explains the nuts and bolts of how the start of this process became possible. Like this book? Read online this: Millennium Prime Minister, Vol. 02, Harper's Bride.

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