Imprisoning Communities

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This book is but yet another siren being sounded to warn the American public to awaken from their delusional slumber. Imprisoning Communities PDF EBook Having written a book detailing my own experiences growing up in impoverished, socially dysfunctional communities, I find the research of Professor Clear not only compelling, but reaffirming the realities tens of millions of individuals in this country face each and every day.

In fiscal 2005 Federal, State, and local governments spent an estimated $204 billion for police protection, corrections and judicial and legal activities, a 5.5% increase over the previous year. There is a vested financial interest by those who profit from maintaining the current status quo as it pertains to so called criminal justice and incarceration.

A holistic and radically different approach to dealing proactively with the conditions and elements which breed crime must be enacted. Or We the People can look forward to the Orwellian world of 1984 becoming our reality in lieu of fiction. Like this book? Read online this: A Vested Interest - Immortality Gene, Communities of the Last Days.

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