In the Shadow of the Liberator

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ANother book I've had sitting around rather a long time waiting to be read. In the Shadow of the Liberator PDF EBook While there has been quite a lot of water under the bridge since Gott wrote this book that doesn't really matter too much as it is basically an i troduction to Venezuelan history and the rise of Chavez. Despite having been interested in the politics of Latin America for many years Venezuela remains one of the countries I've not really read that much about or am over familiar with. Tis book provides a good over view putting the country into context delving back to the liberation from Spanish colonialism. One really interesting feature of this book is Gott's examination of the role of the military in Latin American society, which is generally taken to have been quite negative. This book however shows how the military has often been a balancing or even progressive force in politics where "democracy" has been no more than a word used to try to legitimise dodgy regimes. In this respect I think it is hard to see the role of the military in Venezuela in a negative light for their role in ridding the country of what seems to have been a truely corrupt political system. How much can be said for what has followed since the late 90's is the subject of another book, not this one. Well worth reading for anyone interested in how and why Chavez ended up where he is today. Like this book? Read online this: Academic Encounters Level 3 2 Book Set (Student's Book Reading and Writing and Student's Book Listening and Speaking with DVD), Liberator (Dragons of Starlight, #4).

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