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Second Wave feminism collapsed in the early 1980s when a universal definition of women was abandoned. Inclusive Feminism PDF EBook At the same time, as a reaction to the narcissism of white middle class feminism, "intersectionality" led to many different feminisms according to race, sexual preference and class. These ongoing segregations make it impossible for women to unite politically and they have not ended exclusion and discrimination among women, especially in the academy. In Inclusisve Feminism, Naomi Zack provides a universal, relational definition of women, critically engages both Anglo and French feminists and shows how women can become a united historical force, with the political goal of ruling in place of men. Like this book? Read online this: Women's Studies Quarterly (91 (91:1 2): Women, Girls And The Culture Of Education (V. 19, No. 1 & 2), Inclusive Schools in Action.

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