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Today’s fascination with “the Founding Fathers” extends to nearly every facet of their lives, save for their actual works as viewed by their colleagues of the day. Is Davis A Traitor PDF EBook Perhaps this version of events of the origins of the Constitutional era in the United States would be better understood had the Southern and Federal States fought to a draw in 1865. But, with a crushing Southern defeat on the horizon, Virginia’s Albert Taylor Bledsoe was sent to Europe to plead the Southern cause and begin preparing a defense for Southern Leaders utilizing the historical record of the Founders’ writing, ratifying and life under the U.S. Constitution. This book is the result of that effort. “Is Davis A Traitor” properly read, is an American defense attorney’s greatest effort, providing a compelling, often hysterical court case for the legality of the Southern States’ Constitutional exercise of their right of secession.

When the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 wrapped up business in September and presented their final draft of a new Constitution to the States, proponents of the document insisted that the Union was unaltered and that the States retained all powers not delegated to the general government.These same men called it a compact, a federal rather than a national government, and sought to soothe fears that the Constitution would allow the general government to run roughshod over the liberties of the people and the powers of the States.Then Joseph Story, Daniel Webster, and Abraham Lincoln got hold of it and everything changed.With caustic wit, clear prose, and superb research, Albert Taylor Bledsoe’s “Is Davis a Traitor?” presents the Founding Fathers’ side of the story.This little book is a defense of the original Constitution as understood by the founding generation.

“Is Davis A Traitor?” is an entertaining page turner that will enlighten and entertain readers who seek a true restoration of The U.S. Constitution’s original meaning. Though written in 1866, it is a timeless commentary, one that every American should read and every student of the Constitution should digest.It will change your mind. Like this book? Read online this: The Constitution of the United States of America, A Traitor's Kiss.

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