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Word Building the foundation for success begins with Barbara Gylys and the Body Systems Approach. Medical Terminology Systems PDF EBook The med term approaches and how they differ Most med terms books teach by memorization the whole word approach. Memorize vocabulary and then try to recognize word patterns. Gylys uses the word- PDFbuilding approach. First learn the patterns of medical words before you learn the vocabulary. Why does word-building work? It begins with the basics Gylys takes a common sense approach, by introducing word elements first: Roots Combining forms Suffixes Prefixes She covers them one by one, breaking down each word part. Common English word elements are presented This familiarity makes it easier for students to learn and break apart and build words. Students can use their understanding of word parts to decipher vocabulary. Mnemonic devices, interactive activities (in the book and on the CD) make word-building fun and this in turn increases retention no more tedious memorization, students learn by breaking down and rebuilding words From my years of teaching, I found it was much easier for students to learn word parts directly associated with a body system (or specialty area), and this has been the key to my approach in all of my texts and software products. Barbara A. Gylys Like this book? Read online this: Word by Word Bilingual Picture Dictionary, Medical Terminology.

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