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With small exception, we can divide the world into two groups of nations : Large and / or industrialized ones and small and/ or non- PDFindustrialized ones. Memoirs, Vol 2 PDF EBook
With no exception, since ancient time until now ,the first kind have beenadoptingimperialism as a mean to expanse their borders, enrich their national economiesat the cost of vast destruction and suffering to the latter , through ,of course wagging wars amongthemselves and against the latter.

Within the national borders, we can divide the people into two kinds: The nobles, wealthy,medicine men ( perform all religious rituals and heal the sicks, represent God , render judgments, theyencompass Lawyers, Doctors, Priests and Priestesses, Politicians etc) who compose of a tiny percentage of the population (thereafter referred as TOP DOGS ) .............and the rest (Laborers, Farmers, small land owners,small shopkeepers, blue collar employees and lowly white collar employees}, thereafter referred as UNDERDOGS

With a very small exception , the TOP DOGS, Truman was surely one among them , have beenalways preyingupon the UNDERDOGS's sweat and blood
for themselves, their family and cohorts the superior quality and quantity of food, clothing, dwelling, fame ,fortune and other privileges and last but not least,power.
But of course, they have been very clever, and devious.They used all means within their power to blind the underdogs with all the propaganda machinery they possessed ( mass media) . As a result all the underdogs, if not almost all, happily worshiped them as saviors, obeyed all their orders, praised all their lies as though they were gospel !

Using this concept to read this memoir by the former President of the U T ( No, not Urinary Tract, and certainly not a typo, but President of the United Thieves),Harry S. Truman, one can see much clearer what actually arehiding behind the false ,self-serving,grandiose statements made by this man.In fact one can see such a lying, paternalistic, self-important, stupid,arrogant, devious,ignorant (or pretense to be ignorant of historical facts) kind of a man !

The above assessment is NOT a wholesale muck throwing towardthe man towhomperhaps most people worship as asaint , people who areuninformed ( a politeterm applied to 80 percent of world population,people who are too poor to afford a basic formal education) , stupid , brainwashedand apathetic, American included.

I will analyze , point bypoint , and prove the truthfulness of my assessment stated above, using his very words, but of course FROM VERY DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE , that of a man living over half his adult life under the evil of colonialism. Obviously, Truman the big colonialist , if he still alive today, would have had a hard time understanding,much lessto acceptmy perspective , a victim of this "great" President 's national ( really !) policy of ROBBING AND KILLING toward Native American and other people of third world countries ( He listed Andrew Jackson , the infamous inventor of "THE TRAILS OF TEARS" , against Native American among his heroes !).Mind you , this robbing and killing were not ended with the death of Jackson. It have been the major policy of all U S administrations since the earliest time until now, Truman's included.Proof ? Please visit .

He had lied through his teeth with astraight face throughout his thick volumes of memoir. I don't have time and enough care to read both volumes.Actually I don't want to wast my precious time to read even one volume.Why should I ? They are full of lies, half truths and self-praises Just from briefly glancingthrough them I can realize Truman 'sfalse, paternalistic, grandiose,arrogant and self-servingideas, concepts and policiesin every pages !
He represented no one but only himself, his family and his privileged class of TOP DOGS.He worked only for them, but of course got pay from the tribute he extracted from the UNDERDOGS.He , his family and his cohorts shed no blood, the UNDERDOGS did. He , his family and his cohorts shed no tears, suffered no casualty, lost no property, the underdogs did.

Therefore it was easy for him to boast about his "grand " achievements, his legacy, his grand deeds !

Let's start with him being a big liar.

In chapter 10, he repeated again and again how much he concerned about the miserable living condition of the Jews in camps, how hard he had done to solve that problem because he feltit was his responsibility as the President of the U. S. to help and protectthose who were the victims of persecution due to their race, skin color, religious belief etc....etc...Very good thinking, very lofty ideal , very nice sounding words !


Why ? You may ask.

Well, for one thing, historically he and all his predecessors would salivate heavily whenever the picture of Middle East appeared.Oil, for Peter sake ! Yes, Oil, crude oil reserves.Million tons of 'em .

That , my dear readers and fellow book reviewers , were the true reason for his love , his heartache toward the Jews ' misery, being stranded among very angry, hostile "savage" Arabian hosts who happen to be nice enough to extend their hospitality to a bunch of Jewish refugees,who hadescaped from being rounded up and exterminated by the bad boy Hitler and his honchos

All Truman 'spredecessors ( and later , his successors ) used Israel as the political leverage to stick their blooded soaked snouts into the crude oil reserves in the Middle East underground.

It was little mater to Truman if the Jewish guests now repayingtheir benefactors with a little request of granting them the hosts' land , a big part of the land, so the poor guests may please resettle . Not only a small number, but lots of them, equal to half the hosts population !

Now, if the neighbors from a slum quarter came to Truman[s house for an emergency stay, and later ask him to please move to other rooms so they can stay permanently , would this grand statesman agree ?

Can you see ? He was a big liar !

As I have stated above, he lied through his teeth, with a straight ( albeitfat, that of a well fed , well nourished man) face ! ( See the book's cover )Why ? How ?

Well , the Native Americans ! Those irksome people ! Keptcomplaining about the ridiculous , ancient story about their ancestral land,almost all of it , being robbed cleanly by the white settlers , with a little help fromthe US government.

Yep, those savages ! Why couldn't they content with uprootingtheir villages,packingtheir tools,wrapping their children in rags,uprootingtheir crops,leavingtheir ancestor bones behind,killingall their domestic animals , salting'em, using 'em as food to fill their stomachs for the very long trip, toward a very far away wilderness,towardthe unknown horizon,their new homes ?

It was little mater to Truman if only a small number of the poor , unlucky red men ,women and children survived the hardship of those infamous "TRAILS OF TEARS" !He still kept crowing about how great was his America, with all the big , lofty , nice sounding words ( but empty in reality) about DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM , FREEDOM, FREEDOM ,ERECTION (Sorry, ELECTION ), DEMOCRACY, DEMOCRACY , PROTECT THE WEAK, CHILDREN, WOMEN , EQUALITY, NO RACIAL PERSECUTION, EQUALITY ...blah....blah....

If he was such a nice guy,so much concerned with the peaceful solution for the plight of the Jews,with great power of the Prez of the U S, why didn't he let the poor victims of Hitler terrible deeds to settle in the U S soil ?.He has hundreds if not hundred thousands of acres ofunoccupied lands under his disposal with little help from his friends in the Congress and the House of Representative

Of course, the reason was very clear: He has no love for any one , Jews included. But the Jews served as the reason for his interference into the political systems of the Middle East, to provide his access to its oil reserves.
Andwhy didn't he return some if not all land that his predecessors robbed from the rightful owners , the different tribes of Native Americans who had been suffered terribly from the monstrous injustice inflicted upon them by all of the U S governments,Truman 's included.The Native American suffered not only the lost of almost all of their ancestral land but also the continuouspersecution , even in Truman time,that washeaped upon all who protested peacefully or otherwise this unjust , criminal act against them?

I am not going into the can of worms of black slaves of yesteryear and the neo-slaves and the shameful persecution of peopleof all shades of skin colors who were active in the fight forequalityinTruman 's time and evenin this modern, "other" America.

Lying through his teeth indeed !

( more later)
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