Microwave Engineering

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Pozar is great at explaining concepts in an easy to understand manner. Microwave Engineering PDF EBook He only tells you what you need to know and leaves all the filler material out. This is a book you can simply read and understand. I found it to be a good addition to his book on RF systems. It also provides a few chapters on electro- PDFmagnetics, which I found useful for EM classes. His descriptions are easier to understand than those found in most EM books.

This book covers a large range of topics; download; from transmission lines, networks, oscillators, switches, and amps. Due to the range of topics, some details are lacking. For in depth explanations, it would be necessary to find a book dedicated to the specific topic of interest.

Overall, it's clear Pozar puts a lot of thought into the layout of his material. This is evident in how clear and understandable his books are. Like this book? Read online this: Tied Together - 5 Book Bundle (The whole Tied Series in one book plus special bonus material), Vegetarian Microwave Cook Book.

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