Necessary Illusions

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This introduces the propaganda model of media analysis, noting that resistance is possible, necessary & download; effective. Necessary Illusions PDF EBook
Democracy & the media
Containing the enemy
The bounds of th expressible
Adjuncts of government
The utility of interpretations
Appendix 1/The propaganda model: some methodological considerations
On critical balance
Appendix 2/The containment doctrine
The red scare
Appendix 3/The sanctity of borders
Appendix 4/The craft of "historical engineering"
The obligation of silence
The summits
The media & international opinion
Demolishing the accords
Appendix 5/The US & Costa Rican democracy
"The evil scourge of terrorism"
Heroes & devils
The "peace process" in the Middle East
The best defense
La Prensa & its colleagues
"The courage to preserve civil liberties"
The continuing struggle
Index Like this book? Read online this: Copyright, 8th, 2013 Case Supplement and Statutory Appendix, Necessary Illusions.

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