Our Enemy, the State

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This book is available for free from Mises. Our Enemy, the State PDF EBookorg in audio and pdf format.

This book was pretty cynical and didn't offer any solutions (be prepared to be depressed after reading it).Written in 1935 it was fascinating to read pretty much exactly what has transpired since then.It makes you realize that we do just repeat history, over and over again.This book is a must read for anyone that wants to have a deeper understanding of human nature and "the state".Understanding history and philosophy is definitely important in understanding the political system around us.I would like to add that it doesn't matter what system of governance we have, if the people are wicked so shall be the government and its destruction and vice versa.

The book is broken up in six parts:

1) It goes over how the state gains power. He also makes observations about the US (one interesting one was how the two party system started from the beginning and how, since 1910, the two parties are not any different).
2) Then he goes over the difference between government and the state.
3) The then goes over the early history of the U.S. and it's experiences with Britain.He then goes on to tell how the State took over the U.S.
4) He then goes over the relationship of the state and land rights.
5) He then goes over how people consider the state to be social in nature but is truly anti- PDFsocial.
6) He continues to go over how the state gains more and more power over the mindless masses taking every opportunity to increase its power.He says there is nothing you can do about it and that eventually it will topple just like all the other great civilizations of the past. Like this book? Read online this: One State Two State Red State Blue State, The Present State of the Controversy Between the States of New York and New-Hampshire on the One Part, and the State of Vermont on the Other.

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