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The Presidential Portfolio combines the unparalleled perspective of reporter and historian Lou Cannon with the vast holdings of the Reagan Library to create the second volume in the PublicAffairs Presidential Library Series. Ronald Reagan PDF EBook Lavishly illustrated with photos- PDFmany in full color-from the president's youth to his last days in office, hand-annotated documents, and everyday notes and doodles, and packaged with a 60minute CD containing the original recordings of some of Reagan's most memorable speeches, the book serves as a remarkable illustrated journey back in time. The journey starts with Reagan's childhood in Dixon, Illinois and includes his years in Hollywood; download; his marriage to Nancy Davis; his years as governor of California; the presidential campaigns; the assassination attempt; Reaganomics; his foreign policy; the Strategic Defense Initiative; the INF treaty; and Iran-Contra, and ends with Reagan's retirement and battle with Alzheimer's disease. A Gallup survey recently designated Reagan as the greatest president of all time, and Ronald Reagan: The Presidential Portfolio is a timely reference work and a beautiful gift.
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