Sisters in the Struggle

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This anthology was a great chronological account of African American women's participation in US movements for racial justice. Sisters in the Struggle PDF EBook It goes from the social club days of the 1930s into electoral politics of the 1990s.

The best essays focused on one individual and her organizing strategy.They illuminated the moment in history that the women lived, exploring the context that shaped their politics.They examined those politics in depth.Finally, these essays took seriously the emotional and interpersonal experiences of the women they profiled.These essays definitely are worth study by activists today: do these methods still resonate?In what ways were they effective and ineffective?How can they be applied in different contexts?

The essays on and the methods of Fannie Lou Hamer, Ella Baker, and Septima Clark stood out.Each had a different version of a shared organizing vision: grassroots,community organizing that valued individual experiences and stayed sharply focused on material needs.Really good stuff and phenomenal heroes.

As the book gets further along in history, the individual stories are replaced by broader analysis of gender's role within the Civil Rights and Black Power movements.Individual struggles and voices are replaced by surveys of (anti- PDF)sexism in the writing of Malcolm X and in the Black Panther Party.Basically, Sisters in the Struggle stops showing and starts telling.Participants' experiences, their oppressions outside and within the movement, and the strategic decisions they make to navigate these different obstacles, in short, all the human elements that made the first half of this book so compelling, are swallowed by statistics and academic language. Like this book? Read online this: Sue's Story (Individual stories from WISH YOU WERE HERE!, Book 5), Always a Bridesmaid (Wentworth Sisters, #3) (Wentworth Sisters, #3) (Harlequin American Romance, #266).

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