State Capitalism in Russia

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Born in Palestine to Zionist parents in 1917, Ygael Gluckstein became a Trotskyist during the 1930s and played a leading role in the attempt to forge a movement uniting Arab and Jewish workers. State Capitalism in Russia PDF EBook At the end of of the Second World war, seeing that the victory of the Zionists was more and more inevitable, he moved to Britain and adopted the pseudonym Tony Cliff.

In the late 1940s he developed the theory that Russia wasn’t a workers’ state but a form of bureaucratic state capitalism, a theory which has characterised the tendency with which he was associated for the remaining five decades of his life. Although he broke from “orthodox Trotskyism” after being bureaucratically excluded from the Fourth International in 1950, he always considered himself to be a Trotskyist although he was also open to other influences within the Marxist tradition. Like this book? Read online this: The Leviathan in the State Theory of Thomas Hobbes, Extra official state papers. Addressed to the Right Hon. Lord Rawdon, and the other members of the two Houses of Parliament, associated for the preservation of the constitution ... By a late under secretary of state. Volume 2 of 2.

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