Stepping Out

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I was very wary to read this, I am not a fan of James at all- PDF and getting his story wasn't really something I was interested in. Stepping Out PDF EBook However, I knew that it would only help to make the series more complete.

This novella follows James' path. The tragic events he suffered through that lead him to his fateful encounter with Ava. He is truly a product of the hard life he has lived. There were some parts that were harrowing and tough to get through. That being said, the issues tackled in this book were handled with the care they needed to not be too much.

After reading James' story, I still don't like him at all (that is a vast understatement). He is the quintessential bad guy. He shows absolutely no remorse or even realizes that what he is doing is wrong. In fact, he feels that he is giving his victims what they want. There were a few secrets that were revealed in this book that play a large roll in the story that has unfolded between James, Richard and Seth. I look forward to the next installment of this series. Like this book? Read online this: The Book about James, Stepping On Mars.

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