The Agony of the G.O.P. 1964

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Written in the New York Times, by James Reston, on November 4, 1964. The Agony of the G.O.P. 1964 PDF EBook

"Barry Goldwater not only lost the Presidential election yesterday but the conservative cause as well.He has wrecked his party for a long time to come and is not even likely to control the wreckage."

It was considered one of the worst defeats ever suffered by a major- PDFRepublican candidate.How did this nomination - one that violated every precept of American politics - come about?And will the damage it has caused - damage threatening the very existence of the two-party system - prove irreparable?These are the questions this book examines... Like this book? Read online this: Damage Control (Det. Annie Avants #2), The Agony of Goodbyes.

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