The Conservative Tradition

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No matter where you place yourself on the ideological spectrum, the 36 lectures of Professor Patrick Allitt's The Conservative Tradition will intrigue you, engage you, and maybe even provoke you to think about this political philosophy in an entirely new way. The Conservative Tradition PDF EBook

36 Lectures


1.What Is Conservatism?
2.The Glorious Revolution and Its Heritage
3.Burke, Tradition, and the French Revolution
4.Pitt and the Wars of the French Revolution
5.The American Revolution
6.The Federalists
7.Conservatives in the American South
8.Northern Antebellum Conservatism
9.Opposing the Great Reform Act
10.Robert Peel and the Conservative Revival
11.Smith, Ricardo, Malthus, Mill
12.Conservatism and the American Civil War
13.Industrialists, Mugwumps, Traditionalists
14.Disraeli and Tory Imperialism
15.The Rise of Labour and the House of Lords
16.The Idea of Anglo- PDFSaxon Supremacy
17.No Vote for Women
18.American Conservatives after World War I
19.Opposing the New Deal
20.The Tory Party from Bonar Law to Churchill
21.The Reaction to Labour and Nationalization
22.American Anticommunism and McCarthyism
23.American Traditionalists
25.National Review and Barry Goldwater
26.Upheavals of the 1960s
27.The Neoconservatives
28.The Neoconservatives and Foreign Policy
29.Christian Conservatives and the New Right
30.Margaret Thatcher's Counterrevolution
31.Monarchs and Prime Ministers
32.Reagan Triumphant
33.The End of the Cold War
34.Paleoconservatives and Theoconservatives
35.Culture Wars
36.Unresolved Paradoxes Like this book? Read online this: Women in the American Revolution, A Conservative Revolution?.

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