The Great Deception

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First off, I know that most people see the title and think, "another EU Conspiracy Theory". The Great Deception PDF EBookBut like most books, they contain conclusion/opinions based off of facts.Not to say that I agree with the conclusions or theories pieced together based on those facts, but the facts in this book themselves are fascinating.I really enjoyed this book because it sheds light on something (European Union) we all know of, have heard about and for those of us born after the fact it is something that has always just been there.But what is it?Where did it come from?Sure I've read and heard the sales pitch from our salesperson authority figures, but who came up with this idea, really?Do you know?Do you want to know?

Favorite Quote: "...a forth man, Paul- PDFHenri Spaak, a prime minister of Belgium, also made his own crucial contribution.It was he who urged on his friend Monnet the idea that, initially, the most effective way to disguise their project's political purpose was to conceal it behind a pretence that it was concerned only with economic co-operation, based on dismantling trade barriers: a 'common market'."

(Hmmm...Did I mention that you should read the CFR report, Building a North American Community?) Like this book? Read online this: 100 Facts On World Wonders (100 Facts), The GMO Deception.

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