The Obama Diaries

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If it weren't for the intro, I wouldn't be convinced that it was satire because a lot of the journal entries in this book could very well be passed off as complete truth. The Obama Diaries PDF EBook Though, the descriptions and points ("facts" as it were) Ingraham makes are based largely in fact which she so eloquently walks us through make this book eligible to be classified as "non- PDFfiction".

I can't say I was horribly amused with this book beyond about 100 pages. The journal entries were quite entertaining and they really broke apart the endless description of what Obama has done wrong in his tenure as President... but I think I've had enough of political books for now because they really make me frustrated. In this book, I was frustrated because it brought up all the things about the current administration that I don't like. Even though I agree with the author on many points, reading this book was like rubbing salt in an open wound...

As far as satire goes, it was handily done. The tone and context was adjusted for each journal entry... and it was amusing to read... but after a while it just got too frustrating. I could only read about 20-pages at a time before I became too vexed to continue. Like this book? Read online this: The American Journal of Anthropomorphics (Book 3), The Wiccan Diaries / Neophyte / Adept (The Wiccan Diaries, Books 1-3).

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