The Root Is Man (New Autonomy Series)

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Nonfiction. The Root Is Man (New Autonomy Series) PDF EBook "Macdonald has turned his back on every kind of doctrine that implicitly would treat man as an object, even from a benevolent point of view. What he is concerned with is to create a humanism that can hold its own in the face of enormous bureaucracies and the atom bomb. In so doing he has had to renounce many things which he had heretofore energetically championed. This is further evidence of what a really serious person he is." - PDFHannah Arendt

"Dwight Macdonald is a shining example of an uncompromising radical thinker. The Root is Man is his fierce declaration of the urgency of the struggle for freedom inan era when only conservatives have been interested in it." -Stanley Aronowitz

"The Root is Man endures as one of the most sensitive analyses of the terrifying challenges facing humanity into the twenty-first century." -Michael Wreszin Like this book? Read online this: Ross MacDonald, Two Centuries of Local Autonomy.

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