The Word of a Woman

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These two decades (almost a quarter- PDFcentury, in fact) of essays are a personal window into the birth, truths, and changes of the Women's Movement, by one who co-founded this feminist wave and who has been there - nationally and internationally - for it all. The Word of a Woman PDF EBook From the first Miss America Pageant protest in 1968 to the "divorce" from the New Left, from the first fights for abortion rights to the burgeoning of a global feminist consciousness and actions, Robin Morgan raised, embraced, and recorded issues from housewives' rage to racism, through women's love for women to global peace, neocolonialism, and the environment. Here is her voice in its full range: alternately journalistic, humorous, intensely personal, meditative, theoretical, and analytical, but always impassioned - with an obsession for human freedom and for the power of language. Like this book? Read online this: There's Always Been a Women's Movement This Century, Loose Woman, Woman Hollering Creek and the House on Mango Steet.

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