Ticket to Paradise

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Jessa Dawson is a cynical manager of a five- PDFstar hotel in Roanoke, Virginia. Ticket to Paradise PDF EBook She’s never been the type who longed for adventure, romance, or living in the moment. For Jessa, her career has always been her top priority, though lately even that part of her life is becoming less fulfilling. Jessa isn’t much of a people person and has always tried to fly beneath the radar whenever possible.

Beautiful and mysterious Holly Reynolds is quite the opposite. She’s always up for an adventure. As a retired model, Holly has traveled the world, yet she still has one fear in life. Holly is terrified of being in confined spaces, planes especially. When she travels, she finds herself becoming lost in an alcoholic oblivion to block out her anxiety.

Jessa's and Holly’s paths cross on a flight to Las Vegas. Jessa is instantly annoyed with Holly’s constant chatter, but Holly is simply trying to prevent a panic attack from occurring. By the time the flight lands, the sparks are undeniable, and Jessa finds herself becoming lost in Holly’s charms. After a little too much alcohol, neither of their lives will ever be the same. Like this book? Read online this: Holly, Rasidi Ticket.

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