Vermonia #3

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The quest to save Vermonia continues! Fabulous manga artwork highlights this tale of four friends who hold the fate of three worlds in their hands. Vermonia #3 PDF EBook

In part three of the Vermonia series, General Uro's reign of terror spreads through the Turtle Realm. When the three skateboarders from the planet Blue Star— Doug, Naomi, and Jim— are brought to a village burning under the evil Uro's command, Naomi merges with her warrior spirit, the red phoenix, to help put out the flames. Now that the friends have the power of their guardian animals, they draw closer to finding and freeing Mel, who is trapped in a bubble guarded by one of General Uro's brainwashed soldiers. Like this book? Read online this: Friends with Benefits (The Vault Series: Friends & More, #1), Market Power in Eu Antitrust Law.

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