Why I Am a Reagan Conservative

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Former Ronald Reagan advisor and bestselling author Michael K. Why I Am a Reagan Conservative PDF EBook Deaver gathers together some of the nation's leading thinkers, pundits, and political figures to examine what it means to be a conservative in America today.

As the power of the Republican party continues to grow, a bold new conservative movement is taking form in America. In Why I Am a Reagan Conservative — a timely and unprecedented new collection about the great man who fueled the fire of the political movement — some of the most powerful minds in politics and media provide the reasons behind their beliefs, and explain the late Ronald Reagan's impact on the Grand Old Party and the nation.

Among Them

Bill Frist on ideology's roots in life experience
Robert D. Novak on how the government is the problem, not the solution
Bob Dole on a long legacy of timeless values — from the Depression to post- PDF9/11
Ken Mehlman on freedom as the foundation of international peace
Orrin G. Hatch on the Reagan Revolution's success in restoring essential American values
J. C. Watts, Jr., on Ronald Reagan, who challenged America to become greater
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